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Summer Reading 2015

"Every Hero Has a Story"
For more information about Summer Programs click here

To promote our 2015 Summer Reading Theme "Every Hero Has a Story" staff at the FFL made music videos to share with the community. The videos were used to generate excitement and buzz around the Superhero theme and were shared via social media and through outreach visits. In spring 2015, Stephanie visited 12 schools/preschools and reached over 500 families. To see the rest of the summer reading videos, visit the FFL Youtube channel.

Programs this summer will include:


Superhero Storytime - Explore various superpowers like flight, invisibility, and more during our dynamic, hands-on superhero storytime! For preschools through kindergartners.

Real Life Superhero Series - Each week we will be joined by a special guest or organization that does heroic work in our community! Our heroes will read a few stories, answer questions about their organization or career, and take pictures with kids and families. Guests include:
the Fayetteville Fire Dept, FM Kindergarten Teacher, a Nurse, FM Community Outreach, Cuse Pit Crew, CNY SPCA, and the Manlius Police Department.

Free to Be - Free to Be is an early childhood music and acting class geared towards children ages 3-6. During the 45 minute session children will have the opportunity to sing along with live guitar while creating unique lyrics. In addition, children will explore early acting techniques to help support language, gross motor and social and emotional development! (Facilitated by a community volunteer.)

Art Lab - Explore color, textures, and different mediums while encouraging self expression, and creative thinking. Finger paint, color and create original works of art! For ages 1-6. 

Play Outside - This outdoor free play program for babies through preschoolers is designed to foster a healthy, active lifestyle. Will be held inside in poor weather For ages 0-6 years old.

Worms: Underground Heroes - Ever wonder what worms eat? What they’re doing underground? Come get up close with these wriggling creatures and learn how they are important in an ecosystem! For ages 3-8. 

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